EndoPredict’s accurate low-risk assessment can help patients consider safely forgoing chemotherapy

Making a decision on treatment options for patients diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer is an important choice and one that should be made with the best information possible. EndoPredict® can help accurately determine your individual 10-year risk of recurrence to help your health care provider make your treatment decisions and determine wither you can safely forgoing chemotherapy.

A Comprehensive result for confident decision-making
  • EndoPredict is designed for use in ER+, HER2− early-stage breast cancer patients (node-negative or node-positive (1-3 nodes), pre- or postmenopausal)
  • EndoPredict offers powerful 10-year prognostic information for both node-negative (N0) and node-positive (N+) patients and offers an accurate assessment of early and late recurrence risk
  • Offers a comprehensive result—incorporating both clinical features and molecular analysis of your tumor
  • Identifies a large population of truly low-risk patients with excellent (average of 6% recurrence risk) 10-year outcomes with 5 years of endocrine therapy alone
  • Chemo-sparing benefit observed in more than 70% of node-negative breast cancer patients
  • Chemo-sparing benefit observed in up to one-third of node-positive breast cancer patients
  • EndoPredict offers a clear low- or high-risk result presented on a continuous curve
  • Provides an individualized test result for each patient that allows for a quick, easy to understand risk assessment

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